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Study life management for students

Do you want to accurately check your study time?
Do you want to focus more on your studies?

Study with [Studyhelper] proven by more than 900,000 students in South Korea.
Your study efficiency, as well as study time will increase dramatically.

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The only APP that increases
Your willingness to study

Is your smartphone distracting you from your study because of constant alarms?

Study with [Studyhelper] Now.

As soon as your start studying, all the push alarms and other applications are blocked.
In addition, complete lock-down mode is available for students who wants to really focus on their studies.

Daily & Per goal Study Statistics

Planning for tomorrow, next week and month would be much easier
if you can check how much, and what you have studied.

[Studyhelper] provides daily, weekly, and monthly statistics as well as study history so you can throughly plan your study efficiently.

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