Udaan Sar Sangrah PDF in hindi

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उड़ान झारखण्ड SAR संग्रह PDF BOOK

Udaan Jharkhand Saar Sangrah (2024 Edition) contains everything about Jharkhand in summarized and detailed format. This book also contains Jharkhand Current Affairs (Jharkhand Economy Survey 22-23 & Jharkhand Budget 2023-24) along with static and dynamic portions of Jharkhand.

Udaan Jharkhand Saar Sangrah book is very helpful for all kinds of Jharkhand Specific Examinations like JSSC, JPSC & others.

Udaan Jharkhand Saar Sangrah (2024 Latest Edition) (उड़ान झारखण्ड सार संग्रह) (January 2024 Series).


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